A Wandering Soul

Hello world!

My intention with this blog is to give myself and others an outlet to share about travelling, or anything for that matter. Life is a journey in itself so it’s only fitting to have a travel blog that is open to any and all experiences of life! So go ahead, leave something below that you’ve be wanting to say. Have a fun story? Share it. Have a comment about my writing? Fire away! I have much to share on here but I thought I’d start things out with something I found in my journal from a few years ago. The setting was in Nassau, The Bahamas. I was at a resort with my mum and sister for a week in August. Beach life and beverages. Not everyone’s cup of tea but my family deserved this and I couldn’t be happier having the opportunity to experience it with them. I was able to have a bit of time to myself which was great because my inspiration to write is much stronger while on the road. I wonder why? That’s for a different post. Here is what was on my mind in the summer of 2014 in Nassau.

The sun rose to its perch of mid-day slowly counting the seconds towards it’s descent.  The trees brushed with a coastal sway that is not matched by beauty, but by its refreshing dose of reality.  The Wanderer, he presses on with the sun watching over him, giving him unlimited hope, yet grounded by the songs of the trees.  His orientation is hopeless, yet more direct than the straightest of lines.  The inclined Earth beneath his feet motivates his trek without the most feint irk to his confidence; for the Wanderer is always on even ground.  To be lost is to know where you’re going without knowledge of where you are. Being lost can be comforting because it gives you an excuse to do nothing about it.  It is the meandering path that leads you in a direction riddled with markers; even if those marks are for another.  The Wanderer continues his vision towards a salvation personalized for himself upon the cascading cliffs above a sea of randomness and uncertainty.  It is as if the wanderer is seeking answers from physically removing himself from a de-elevated place that feels so foreign.  He places each foot beneath him with a tragic melancholy that each step is to be over as soon as they begin; that each piece of Earth will no longer connect with him again.

A wanderer of the world, such a simple man

He wants for nothing and lives for everything.

A Mundane task, there is no such thing,

The wanderer sees experience in all.

He explores more than the land and the sea,

The wanderer hopes to discover answers in who he will be.

The wanderer is such an aloof concept in my mind.  I can’t help but see it in myself, but what’s troubling is that I’m not convinced there’s a difference between the nomadic wanderers, and just being a human on Earth. Some of us seem to think we know what we’re doing.  As if we have figured it all out and know exactly what we want and how to get there.  To wander is to be in search of that, is it not? Or perhaps all of us are wandering around our home, the Earth, and will forever be in the loop of seeking what it is we are looking for.  See for me, I’m not convinced any of us do know the big goal in life.  To be honest I’m not sure there is one.  But what I do know is that there are some folks that resist the repetitive and wander the Earth for the sake of knowing it as a whole.  I’m sure there are many reasons as to why people travel, why they lust for the numinous.  Frankly I don’t think it matters.  I think the very idea of rebelling against the mundane, even in small ways, is what is important.  It’s through our discomfort with what is that we stretch for what could be.  We as humans take any individual problem, or even just a state of being, and collectively say “well, can we do it differently?”, “can we do it better?”.  Now, the wanderer may do that geographically, but it’s mother-form, the uneasiness with finality, that is something that is more inherent to being conscious beings rather than to those who frequent the airport.  But hey, that’s just a thought.  Thanks for reading!

Peace, Love and Happiness my friends


Photo: I see Montana! Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada


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