Our Greatest Commodity

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”    —Albert Einstein

Do you find yourself saying, “I wish I could do that, but I don’t have enough time”? Time is a lot like grasping a handful of sand while floating in the ocean; you have an important moment with each grain, but it will without a doubt pass through your fingers.

So I guess no, there is never enough time.  Our minds have grown to defy geography, time and reality, but unfortunately and fortunately, our bodies don’t have the same degree of freedom.  Sure, we’ve developed tools such as airplanes and augmented reality applications to expand our limitations. But are these tools, in truth, stronger than our minds ability to conceive the impossible and contemplate the unimaginable?  I think it’s our mind’s borderless nature that precipitates our longing for immortality. The idea of living forever is so seductive because due to our limitless consciousness, it’s not so unrealistic.  In turn, we find ourselves wishing for more and more time to accomplish each idea or motivation that enters our mind space.  So what of it then? Where does that leave us?

It leaves us with a choice.  We can spend our time with “wishes” and “would haves”, or alternatively, we can push ourselves to leave no stone undisturbed, to pursue all that we desire, and to live a life with each minute being a pronouncement of significance and purpose.  Wishing for more time, or putting something off because things are “too busy”, are only placeholders for either doubt and uncertainty, or, an untrue desire for that thing.  So, either stop lying to yourself and decide what it is that will satisfy that inherent itch to exist, or revel in uncertainty and squash doubts with your awesome determination to ‘be’.

Time is the most valuable commodity we own, and the more of it you spend putting off what it is you want, the more likely it is you will find yourself saying “there’s not enough time”.  There’s always enough time when it’s something you love, or when its something you truly want.  Whether it be trying your hand at beekeeping, or galivanting the Falkland Islands, you owe it yourself to not contemplate away the most valuable part of living.  Be adventurous. Nurture your imagination and remind yourself that you can never know everything about the world, or yourself. It is in this modest understanding that you can foster happiness and be at ease with the time that you have on the pale blue dot.

Thanks for reading, peace and good fortune to you all 🙂

P.S. The featured photo above is from Playa El Pimental on the coast of El Salvador. The setting sun will always remind me of my privilege for witnessing another day.

The Wandering Photograph


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