Which Type of Traveller Are You?

Which type of traveller are you? I’ve put together some categories of travellers that I have come across throughout my past couple of years of globetrotting.  This is only based on my interpretation, but I feel like a lot of you out there can relate.  One person, one category? No way. These categories are as fluid as our lives.  At different points in time we may find ourselves prioritizing an escape from where we are, while at other times, our curiosity may get the best of us.  Who knows, maybe you will develop your own category that samples bits and pieces from each of these.

The Adventurist

Adrenaline rush. A jarring experience.  A complete surrender to the situation, and a sense of hope that it will be a calculated risk worth taking.  The Adventurist is a traveller of spine-tingling proportions.  I have met many folks along the way that are always searching for a daring experience, a shock and awe unlike the last.  These are people who tend to gravitate towards extreme sports like bungee jumping or sky diving. They will land in a new place and seek to electrify their senses, mind, and self.  These same people are those that travel to obscure places to get a shot of the “pseudo-natural”; things that seem so far out of our own concept of life.  With this thirst for thrill, Adventurists stop at nothing to gain every rush that each place has to offer. Whether it be taking shots of snake venom in the Huaxi Night Market in Taipei, or catapulting off a bridge near Interlaken, Switzerland, there is no drug like adrenaline.


The Vacationer

How does a coconut bevvy with a more than generous serving of rum sound? Yup. The Vacationers have it down to a science. You work hard, you tend to your responsibilities, and then when the time is right, you let it all go.  Vacations to any destination are a lucid dream in a dimension where no responsibility is needed, and playful bliss rules the land.  I’m sure all of us have tasted the nectar of this particular category.  There is nothing like the experience of punching out of day-to-day life for a select time, and letting yourself become wrapped up in your interests and forms of relaxation.  The Vacationer is one that understands how crucial this can be. A life spent without treating yourself to your interests and down time, is a life spent migrating from one worry to the next. “Don’t worry, be happy”.


The Curious

Sometimes blog posts and travel Instagram accounts are simply not enough.


The Curious are not an idle bunch.  This type of traveller does not settle for ‘knowing’ of a place. These are the people that release themselves upon the world out of an eager determination to obtain an in- depth knowledge of any one place.  Their list of locations to live in is an endless cascade of obscure destinations and genuine interactions. The Curious is in search of lessons not only from the nomadic lifestyle, but from the culture, traditions, spirituality and cuisine of each society they land themselves in.  These are people of shallow roots, that in turn, develop deep and intimate connections. The Curious are culturally motivated, landscape bound, and never settle for second-hand knowledge.


The Escapist

I’ve met quite a few people that fall into this category and it tends to place me in a light state of melancholy. The Escapist is a traveller whose concept of ‘home’ only extends as far as their feet can stretch.  I find that this category is defined by a person who is generally unhappy with where they’ve been, and become entrapped in a cyclical pattern of running from the past.  The Escapist tends to give indications of running from something, someone, or even themselves. The road is their priority because constantly migrating does not allow for deeper connections to people, places, or things. It may be easier in the short run, but a life on the run can ultimately become the loneliest place on Earth. This is not to say that every person that lives nomadically, jumping from place to place every month, is lonely and on the run.  I am just saying that the road can make you lose sight of the problems you originally sought to solve. Be easy, find your happiness, and then make a home there.


The Recycler

I find this last category especially important. The Recycler is a special brew of traveller that is not necessarily obvious in a world full of globetrotters and expats. The Recycler is marked by being completely satisfied by a general type of culture and country.  These are folks that love what they know, and are interested in the finer details. I find this type of traveller is the happiest when visiting a new, slightly recycled, version of their country/culture of choice.  For example, residents of Toronto that spend their travel days in the Rocky Mountains, or fishing off the coast of Nova Scotia. These are people inherently interested in getting the same Canadian flavour, but with a twist of geographical espresso.  Travellers nonetheless, the Recycler deserves some recognition for their nuance oriented interest in the place they love and know.


Until next time world, thank you for taking the time to read this article. I sincerely hope you are doing well at the time you are reading this. Be easy on yourself and take time to explore your backyard, your town, your country, and your world.

Whether you wander far or wide, you are always home when your heart is full.


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